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Are You in PAIN?

If you are suffering from persistent pain that is keeping you from a happy and productive life, you can benefit from the treatment provided at the Pain Evaluation & Management Center of Ohio.

Why Does it Hurt?

At the Pain Evaluation and Management Center, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of many painful conditions most importantly, the exact causes of your pain. An essential portion of our treatment plan is a comprehensive evaluation to successfully treat your pain. Our staff of professionals can then offer an individualized "hands-on" approach to the treatment of your specific problem.

What It Means To You

We provide pain management that is state of the art, the most aggressive and advanced treatment offered anywhere in Ohio. At the Pain Evaluation & Management Center of Ohio, we have one goal; to restore patients to their former lifestyle as free as possible from pain. Aggressive pain management with the most medically advanced procedures.



Compassion. Understanding. Total concern for your health and well-being.
two Treatment of all chronic pain conditions, long-term pain management consultation and chronic pain management when requested.
three Cutting edge pain procedures.
four Our surgical suite provides patients with a convenient and less expensive alternative for providing interventional procedures when appropriate.
five We provide availability to four major aspects of chronic pain management; psychological counseling, physical rehabilitation; including massage and acupuncture, interventional procedures and medication management.

1550 Yankee Park Place, Suite A, Centerville, Ohio 45458 - P:937.439.4949 - F:937.439.4948

Most Major Insurances Accepted
We are BWC Certified Providers


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